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        advancing excellence in communications™
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        We base our live client support on an online chat medium for several key reasons:


        网红美食排行榜Authentication网红美食排行榜网红美食排行榜.网红美食排行榜  Security, authentication, phishing and social engineering are all top concerns today.  By using the Internet as a communications medium, we can provide a greater level of authentication than by simply fielding untraceable phone calls.


        网红美食排行榜Better Relationship Management.网红美食排行榜  After you chat with us just once, you'll always communicate with the same representative again and again--automatically.  Your complete case history is always just a click away for them.  So that means you'll actually have a relationship with your representative while also avoiding the need to seemingly "start all over again" each time you contact us.


        网红美食排行榜Guarantee of Accuracy.网红美食排行榜  To help avoid misunderstandings and provide solid documentation to both you and us, we rely on online chat transcripts.  You'll be automatically provided with the option to request yours at the end of every chat, free of charge. 


        网红美食排行榜An International-Friendly Medium网红美食排行榜网红美食排行榜.  网红美食排行榜Many of our clients are based overseas, which makes phone-based communications a) expensive and b) difficult if English is not a first language.  Online chat overcomes these barriers.


        网红美食排行榜Greater Efficiency for Both Parties.  网红美食排行榜Thanks to our client chat support infrastructure, we're able to provide you with answers to your questions faster and more accurately than if you just called on a phone.  LACP clients have told us that they also enjoy greater efficiency on their own end; just read the following unedited e-mail we recently received:

        "I just worked with Joshua because I started a new position and our invoices & awards didn't match what we thought we'd ordered.  Joshua helped straighten it all out and get the items we wanted sent on their way.  He did an excellent job at making sense of 3 separate invoices even though I had no knowledge base for the order.  I look forward to working with him again.  I really like the online chat, too, because my job also requires that I handle the phones and it lets me do two things at once!  Have a great Day!          (Underlining, color added for emphasis.)


        网红美食排行榜Faster and Simpler Delivery of Digital Materials.  网红美食排行榜Did you know that 93% of support requests received by LACP result in an electronic transaction of some sort?  Be it the e-mailing of a file, the forwarding of a hyperlink, or the transmission of an invoice, nearly all of the client needs we manage are ones that require a digital communications conduit.  By merging that conduit with chat--the only medium through which we can offer such a combined service--we provide the simplest and easiest solution for addressing your service requests.