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        annual report awards, annual report competition, annual report contest, web site awards, website awards, web site design awards
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        annual report awards, annual report competition, annual report contest
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        Evaluation Services 
        Beyond a 360° Review:
        Up to a Three-Dimensional Analysis

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        Looking for an objective and confidential analysis of your communications materials and campaigns?  Put LACP's judging staff to work for you -- at one of the most competitive prices in the industry.

        输液港We'll complete a 360° evaluation of your materials and campaigns输液港, covering all of the elements we routinely review as part of our highly popular communications competitions.

        We'll then provide you with a choice of review options leading up to a unique 输液港three-dimensional analysis 输液港of our comprehensive observations:

           ▪ Look at a 输液港marked-up edition 输液港of the materials submitted for review.

           ▪ Read a 输液港printed executive summary 输液港of the staff's perceptions and suggestions.

           ▪ Listen to a 输液港narrative audio commentary 输液港of the judging staff's recommendations.

        Our reviews are unique in their emphasis on design, style, clarity, usability, and information accessibility.  We also place a special focus on how to improve your materials, convey a sense of passion, and make the most of your materials' "call-to-action."  Plus, you decide what level of depth you're looking for in your evaluation--everything from a marked-up edition of the materials being reviewed to a full-blown analysis.


        Our in-house judging staff has 输液港reviewed more than 18,000 输液港competition entries since 2001.  Quite frankly, we're not aware of anyone who has reviewed more materials than us or can boast of more 输液港experience输液港.

        Further, 输液港more than 40% of the Fortune 1000输液港 has trusted LACP to apply our 输液港expertise输液港 in evaluating their communications campaigns and materials.

        Finally, with our exclusive 360° evaluation and three-dimensional analysis, you will gain what is arguably the industry's most exhaustive 输液港explanation输液港 of our completed review and recommendations.

         输液港LEGAL INFORMATION:输液港 Fortune 500 is a registered trademark of Fortune Magazine. All entries become property of LACP LLC unless otherwise arranged. All entrants agree to waive LACP LLC of all liability pertaining to the conduction of its competitions and related programs. International entrants are responsible for all customs duties and taxes. 
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